OpenStack Fundamentals Workshop

In support of OpenStack’s rapid growth, the StylesYou IT services Pvt Ltd developed an “OpenStack Fundamentals” course designed to accelerate an individual’s understanding of the OpenStack environment. During this two-day course, students will learn about the history of OpenStack, the components of OpenStack and how to build and maintain an OpenStack environment. The activities used to teach students during this course include an informational lecture, the manual installation and hands-on administration of core OpenStack components and multiple activity labs.

  ♦  Basic Linux Command Line Knowledge
  ♦  Basic Networking Knowledge

Required Materials
  ♦  Laptop with Wifi Card
  ♦  SSH and SCP Software

Course Outline
  ♦  Intro to OpenStack
  ♦  Nova - Compute Service
  ♦  Glance - Image Service
  ♦  Keystone - Identity Service
  ♦  Neutron - Networking
  ♦  Cinder - Block Storage
  ♦  Horizon - Dashboard
  ♦  Swift - Object Storage Service

About Trainers:

        Chandrasekhar Reddy

                      -Cloud Specialist, Technical Instructor

           ♦ Master Engineering degree in software and computer science
           ♦ Began career as a Systems Engineer with specialization in automation, deploying, maintaining Private Clouds & Linux systems
           ♦ OpenStack experience includes deployment, configuration, cloud operation & troubleshooting
           ♦ Has led trainings on a range of topics, including Linux administration, Virtualization, and Cloud Deployment.

        Radhika Engimuri

                     -Technical Instructor

           ♦ Master Engineering degree in computer science
           ♦ Began career as a Software Engineer with good exposure on various Technologies – Mainframes, Java and Cloud.
           ♦ Green Belt certified Six Sigma Expert.
           ♦ OpenStack expertise includes Cloud Deployment and cloud operations.

About OpenStack Course

This is a descriptive Cloud computing training using the popular OpenStack software tool to build and manage various cloud platforms. The major topics are Overview and Introduction to OpenStack, OpenStack Architecture, Attributes of cloud, Virtualization, Infrastructure of Cloud, Machine Detection process, Single-node and Multi-node Computing. The course further trains you on Installation, Configuration, and Implementation of OpenStack Services like Keystone, Horizon, Nova, Glance and Neutron, Virtualbox Installation, Devstack Installation and various OpenStack Deployment Frameworks.

Learning Objectives:

  ♦  Understand Cloud Computing, virtualization and various attributes of Cloud Computing in the organization
  ♦  Get an understanding of what is OpenStack, its Kilo/Liberty version and Conceptual OpenStack Architecture
  ♦  Deploy, administrate and use core services of OpenStack
  ♦  Understand the capabilities of OpenStack for public and private cloud services
  ♦  Learn NTP Installation and Networking Configuration
  ♦  Gain insights into Two-Node OpenStack Kilo/Liberty Deployment
  ♦  Install, Configure and Implement Keystone, Glance, Nova, Horizon Dashboard, Heat Orchestration Service, Neutron and Swift Object Storage Service
  ♦  Understand Installation of Devstack and various OpenStack Deployment Frameworks

  ♦  Computing basics and LINUX System knowledge will be beneficial

Why Take OpenStack Training Course?
  ♦  Kilo/Liberty Version OpenStack is an open-source, high-performance cloud computing software, popularly in demand to help organizations build a stronger ecosystem.
  ♦  World’s largest brands and companies confide in OpenStack to run their businesses in a faster and cost-effective manner.


Module 1 – Getting started with Virtualization
  ♦  What is virtualization?
  ♦  Significance of virtualization and the Right Audience
  ♦  Virtualization types
  ♦  Introduction to Cloud Computing
  ♦  Define attributes of a Cloud
  ♦  Cloud computing Subtypes

Module 2 – Getting started with Openstack
  ♦  Characteristics of the Cloud
  ♦  What is Openstack?
  ♦  Knowing about Openstack Development and Developers
  ♦  OpenStack History
  ♦  Major Distributors
  ♦  Learning the Conceptual Architecture

Module 3 – Node structure and Deployment Architecture
  ♦  Two-Node OpenStack Kilo/Liberty Deployment
  ♦  What is Controller Node (Including Network Node )?
  ♦  Define Compute Node
  ♦  Explaining Deployment Architecture
  ♦  Explain Service Layout of Openstack

Module 4 – Project – Getting started with Devstack
  ♦  Installation of Openstack ( Pike Release ) with the help of Devstack
  ♦  Practice assignment: Installing Openstack using Devstack

Module 5 – Detailed understanding of Openstack
  ♦  Detailed learning on OpenStack
  ♦  Different Openstack Deployment Frameworks
  ♦  Various Business and Use Cases

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